Hypnosis In Action with Lauren Clemett – Smartie Trekking Ep 08


Today in Hypnosis in Action, Lauren Clemett – Ultimate Business Propellor jumps into the smartie for a chat.

Quote of the Day: 

Life is to short to be around horrible people.

We are all hypnotizing ourselves every day, the problem is that most of us are doing it the wrong way. Stephen Anderson, the outback hypnotist is in search of those people that are doing it the right way. Here you will meet them!

A Little Bit About Our Guest:

Guest Name: Lauren Clemett

Business Name: Ultimate Business propellor

Website:  https://http://ultimatebusinesspropel…

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorityRocket/

Facebook Groups:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheUBP/



Thank you, Lauren, for a great chat and for sharing with us.

Hypnosis In Action Vlogcast is a show based on the belief that you hypnotize yourself every day.  The problem is most of us are doing it the wrong way.  The people I take for a drive are either successful or on their way to being successful and I get to find out what it is they are doing differently that makes them succeed in their business, in their sport, their passion, in life or all of the above.

If you know someone, a seriously spectacular small business person, please dob them in, just send me an email at stephen@outbackhypnosis.com.

About the presenter:

Stephen Anderson (The Outback Hypnotist): Entertainer, Educator drives his small business, Outback Hypnosis which has three pillars.

Entertainer: As a comedy stage hypnotist Stephen creates hilarity at a good number of different events from wedding receptions to fundraisers and sporting events.  

Educator: A registered Teacher, Stephen uses hypnotic phenomena to emphasize his points with a presentation focusing on goal setting, belief, focus & motivation.

Everlasting Change: A Certified Consulting Hypnotist Stephen helps you create the change you need

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